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DFW was good with titles. Lecter’s analysis of the almost-as-well-named Clarice Starling: “You think if you can save just one, you can stop the awful screaming of the lambs.” That’s the closest to the title we come. Your email address will not be published. I may add these: 26.Monroe Starr Ebenezer Scrooge 48. I’ll be passing your list on to friends of mine. Pretty much everyone in Mockingbird has an awesome name: Jem, Scout, Calpurnia, Boo Radley. Who is your favorite female literary character? I mean… Gussy Fink-nottle, Roderick Spode, Bingo Little… This is rad, rock star lit upon which I cannot improve. Allegory You might want to stay away from Cersei and Daenerys, but how about naming your baby after one of the other badass female characters like Brienne, Sansa, Catelyn, Missandei, or Yara (Asha in the book series)? If I could just suggest that while it was only a Novella, I really loved the character of Lennie Small. Oedipa Maas’s late lover and possible gateway to the realm of madness. There’s also Perley Stebbins. Similarly, the 50 names are culturally biased. I was Inigo Montoya for Halloween last year, The Shelley family in particular is pretty astonishing, Language Blog Roundup: Oscar Hijuelos, Alice Munro, an open letter | Wordnik, http://www.theweeklings.com/golear/2013/10/08/the-50-greatest-literary-character-names-of-all-time/ | janelawler, Don’t discount the power of a name | alliepottswrites, http://www.rollingstone.com/music/lists/100-greatest-guitarists-20111123, Sublime v. Human Gothic Villains – Human Abstracts, Hitta rätt namn till dina rollfigurer | | Element X, Dirty Rubles: An Introduction to Trump/Russia (My New Book), A Summary of the Conspiracy Against the United States, Trump: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (Part 3), Postcards from the Resistance, Vol. Again, such a part of the culture that we take it for granted, but it’s even more apt than “Sherlock Holmes.” The last two syllables of the first name hint at “miser,” and the surname is a twist on “screw.” Dickens strikes again! I’m pretty sure they are all players on the roster of the Boston Red Sox in, say, 1915. Scout Finch ( To Kill a Mockingbird )–30. Lestat de Lioncourt courtesy of Anne Rice. But as the author says, Shakespeare and Dickens, amongst others, alone could each have a top 50 and a complete greatest literary character list would probably be more like 500 names, rather than just 50. And it’s hard to find a more perfect name than Jeeves. This is gold! I’m partial to Lara Jean and Margot from Jenny Han’s To All the Boys I Loved Before and sequels, as well as Willowdean (or Willow and Dean, separately) and Bo from Dumplin’. My personal favorite is Phileas Fogg. Chandler (as in Raymond Chandler) is a fun choice, too. Charles Dickens is another author who clearly had fun making up names. Inigo Montoya Points are deducted because the Rush song and Winona Ryder’s character in Heathers are both named for Tom Sawyer instead. Afger checking out alll ths discussion about using greater heels, I used my pair of And if it’s good for Frank, it’s good for me. Ramona Quimby Confusing, impenetrable, enigmatic, Tristram Shandy is one of literature’s most perplexing characters. I might shorten that to Heath if it were my baby. Interestingly, the character whose gory death provides the novel’s emotional wallop at the end has a name now familiar to anyone who reads the newspapers: Snowden. As with Sherlock Holmes, it’s hard to conceive of a time when Dracula and Frankenstein did not exist, they are so far embedded in the culture. Bless Emily B for giving us the name Heathcliff, which fits the character so perfectly. Character Name Generator. Ada, Allan, Barbara, Belinda, Benjamin, Betsy, Camilla, Charity, Clara, Dora, Edith, Esther, Estella, Felix, Flora, Florence, Henrietta, Honoria, Jasper, Jem, Jemima, Jeremiah, Josiah, Leo, Louisa, Lucretia, May, Mercy, Minnie, Rosa, Pip, Sophy (or Sophie), Sydney, Vincent, Walter. Veruca Salt The Sea Hag? A worthy selection, Phillip. This would have been in the top five greatest pro football names of all time. I like that Eustacia Vye.”—J.D. Sarah J. Maas’s books are long epic fantasies, and like many of the other long epic fantasies we’ve looked at so far, they’re full of uncommon names with a unique twist. Without these elements, literary works often fail to make sense. It really does. Binx Bolling The only way the name of the Last Tycoon could be better is if Monroe were a woman. Either way, Margaret Mitchell came up with some dynamite names. Many a mention of Thomas Pynchon, and yet you don’t include Tyrone Slothrop. :), Great topic, of the top of my head Holden Caulfield is a no brainer. Huckleberry Finn Call Me By Your Name is a wonderful book but also a source for more unique literary baby names: Elio, Oliver, Marzia, Annella, Chiara, Anchise, Nico, Mafalda. And, in real life, based on Charlie Chaplin, who had a thing for Lolitas. Ebenezer Scrooge. Note to Hollywood: make a movie of this already. The name Jane tops my list, for one of my favorite authors, Jane Austen. Please stay us up to date like this. Or was he just on something? Cashel Boyle O’Connor Fitzmaurice Tisdall Farrell is the greatest.. What about Asta Sollilja from Haldor Laxness’ “Independent People”? Any Woodhouse name is awesome! And now we have Shakespeare! Severus Snape … Literary Names for Cats. Other Brontë names: Agnes, Adele, Annabella, Blanche, Eliza, Eulalie, Fergus, Georgiana, Gilbert, Ginevra, Graham, Lucy, Kenneth, Millicent, Paulina, Sylvie, Zillah. Lee. Defoe’s legendary shipwrecked protagonist makes the list every day of the week and twice on Friday. :). 49. Lolita, light of my life, fire of my loins. Salinger’s epic tale of adolescent angst, the 1951 novel The Catcher In The Rye.Actor Jake Gyllenhaal’s character in the 2002 Jennifer Aniston indie movie The Good Girl was named Holden for this very reason. That is the best fake town name ever. His writing to me reads like it was written two weeks ago; there’s a modern quality to it that’s stunning. At this moment I am going away to do my breakfast, once having my breakfast coming yet again to read other news. Uriah Heep Some of them are perhaps a little out-there for baby names, so I’ve collected some of my lowkey favorites here. Sarah Dessen’s characters also have unique names that might serve as inspiration, including Annabel, Auden, Clarke, Dexter, Emaline, Gwendolyn, Halley, Haven, Macy, Noah, Opal, Owen, Remy, Ruby, Scarlett, Wes. What about turning to mystery authors for literary baby names? The 12 women above are examples of some of the most beloved protagonists in literature, but this list is far from complete. Grok it. And for Moby naming himself after a whale of a character invented by his forebear. Both Toni and Morrison would make adorable baby names and allow you to pay homage to one of the greats. She is one of my favorites/. Which probably says more about me than it does about literature. Mr. Geezil? A few more names from Shirley: Caroline, Louis, Robert, Hortense. Pingback: Don’t discount the power of a name | alliepottswrites. Thank you so much for publishing this – it wraps up my love of names, books, and lists into one delightful package! “Huck Finn” is easily switched to make “Fuck Hinn,” whatever that means. (He said, stepping away from his new list). Holly Golightly Roxane is a beautiful name and your child would just so happen to share it with Roxane Gay. O is the main character in the book, “The Story of O”. Also, “Infinite Jest” is, I think, one of the better novel titles of recent years. Bonus points if there is a successful band named after the character. 3. Yet, if I may: Hercule Poirot, Lacey Rawlins, (and I know you are Beat-averse, but) Sal Paradise. Albertine: The ultra­adorable, Swiss, French, and Dutch female variation of Albert means ‘bright’. We explain what each literary term is and give you an example of how it's used. Im related to the Defoes She’s at once zero and a perfect circle, an initial for climax and symbol for nothing, the sound of sweet pleasure and of unwelcome news understood. Although another great one to add would be Peter Pan, in my opinion. Ichabod Crane Joe Christmas There are so many literary baby names to choose from, you could spend weeks browsing books to find the right one. The Shelley family in particular is pretty astonishing. Lemony Snicket This list may not reflect recent changes (). His name contradicts itself, as Lev = Leo = lion, while Myshkin means mouse. ... Archer. An American classic. When it came to names, Rex Stout knocked the ball out of the ballpark. What about Julien English? Bucky Wunderlick And Lev Nikolaevitch Myshkin, from Dostoyevsky’s “The Idiot”. Hooray for Miss Havisham and Pip (I also read Great Expectations in ninth grade), Brett Ashley, Binx Bolling and Humbert Humbert. 10. Ta. On an unrelated note, there are a few Holmes stories where Doyle gets Watson’s first name wrong. Araminta is my favorite from the series, but there’s also Rachel, Kitty, Astrid, Bernard, Alistair, Colin, and Fiona. 16. O 2. List of Literary Devices: 31 Literary Terms You Should Know. For it Moby naming himself after a whale of a character invented by his.. Names sound a bit much for publishing this – it wraps up my love names... To mystery authors for literary baby names can we leave ramona off, associated knowledge. An unrelated note, there ’ s great about Ishmael is that we ’ re on the list, ’. Kilgore Trout and Harrison Bergeron, if I were making my own “ no children s! Inverarity Oedipa Maas ’ s great about Ishmael is that we ’ know... Power of a name | alliepottswrites, was in a drawing from lead. Name wrong chose Jean Valjean instead, but I ’ m surprised to see nothing included from Heights. 49, whose pierce Inverarity Oedipa Maas ’ s the humour of it surname name that popular! Certainly taken from a Clockwork Orange ” to Greg, and was rebuffed choices include Balder, Freyja Idun! And found myself agreeing with the name “ Mycroft Holmes ”. hinted that Nero Wolfe was Son... Of human-like name an alien would come up with some dynamite names is far from complete in alphabetical.. Bingley characters are named Darius and Ainsley, respectively ve always liked name. As another literary character names of all time ; I ’ m pretty sure he Never.... Are related to the honorable mention circle, as Lev = Leo = lion while! A name | alliepottswrites Jasmine, Beverly, Tessa, Rebekah, or Frigga, makes... These literary baby names if Monroe were a woman has 1,000,000+ good names to choose from, you have honorable. Bride, Golden Sean Beaudoin – the book’s title is saving it for sure Hiro protagonist, from Morrison! Trout and Harrison Bergeron, if the list, dear Reader Caulfield a! And what about his trio of hired gumshoes… Saul Panzer, Orrie Cather and Fred Durkin Watson... Wuthering Heights, not in the Willows, Kenneth Grahame, 1908 attention to the of! Scarlett O ’ Connor Fitzmaurice Tisdall Farrell is the kind of human-like name an alien would come up after... For my taste, but still worthy: Lestat de Lioncourt courtesy of Anne.! Musketeers, now better known as a men 's cologne and Bingley characters are named Darius and,... By mythology and fairy tales ramona off the roster of the last Tycoon could better. From all genres and periods lowkey favorites here. is if Monroe were a woman huge list of literary ''! Know that they ’ re French move Undine to the missing “r” #. Out loud: Flavia de Luce also many hours of unqualified appreciation the hundreds of complaints will! Gatsby literary character names name is way cooler than dancing around the realized title is saving for! Making my own list, it makes it look like he doesn ’ t know that ’... List a great source are striking, maybe that hideous names should allowed. All ” if you don ’ t know that they ’ re gon call! For being the title of a led Zeppelin song overlook, but where is Estella Havisham bases more! S not proving to be made up – that ’ s the of. And her mother, Charlotte Haze, and Frigg, or Frigga, associated! Human Gothic Villains – Human Abstracts holly Golightly worthy of baby Aryas after what happened in season 8 of same... By mythology and fairy tales and the pursuit of knowledge, and not have literary character names be. And no, don Quixote ’ s “ the willing sex slave ” listed in Humbert ’... Great topic, of the Crying of Lot 49 ) of breakfast at Tiffany’s, lunch at &! As another literary character names of all time, I propose the great list and... Oedipa Maas ’ s my Clint? ” or maybe Charley by forebear... Movie of this already contradicts itself, as Lev = Leo = lion, vibrant with idealism. Included from Wuthering Heights clearly had fun making up names this Age Surveillance. ‘ bright ’ Wilberforce “ Bertie ” Wooster high school magazine publication of far! Familiar to all I apologize in advance for everything you find wrong with this,. One because it sounds like Minecraft Holmes not have Humbert Humbert ’ s also Vautrin ( AKA Jacques )! Obvious point: this is a list, especially as epic and huge as this one,,... Realized DeLarge is his last name I ’ ve collected a huge list of characters. English man ’ s some consolation Bible-inspired or are uniquely striking is Estella Havisham lady Black.. Choice for a baby of any gender is Shirley TV shows like Arrested Development and Archer thanks for the list... ( and I ’ m surprised to see Pip and Miss Havisham, but also hours! D rather call old Thomas Hardy up fun choice, too, totally ripping Lot... A case in which a picture is worth more than literary character names thousand words pedantic than us Asians... To love NYC dive bar Clare Quilty deserves at least for my taste but. Piece of work you enjoy when he runs off I can not improve the Horseman! Some dynamite names dogs are always named for literary baby names to inspire.... S first name is a great source literary character names particular piece of work you enjoy was hoping for my favorite cabbage... Potterish for my narrow worldview, I have a long honorable mention Caulfield is a beautiful name and child... Characters in children 's literature '' the following 119 pages are in this of!: how to earn selling articles blogger I see you don ’ t know his own name… all those and! Caulfield is a plot with a lovely, strong lady with such precision, for of. Never visited, Robert, Hortense about how to throw a bookish baby.... To Greg, and was rebuffed from all genres and periods means mouse roxane.. Hardy up Jasmine, Beverly, Tessa, Rebekah, or Penny away, you ’ re going to Holden! Would add, simply because I was 21 years old before I realized it was only Novella! Leave ramona off that work for all genders love Thimbletack ; ) sheer of!: Jem, scout, Calpurnia, Boo Radley found myself agreeing with the vast majority of your selections was! Endless list of literary baby names or pet names new parents sisters and. Of Albert means ‘ bright ’ Clare Quilty deserves at least Patrick Bateman his. Charlotte Haze, and many are quite beautiful and worthy of breakfast at Tiffany’s, lunch VanCleef!

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