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We’ve got at least 120 feet (37 m) and the first glimpse of a great white circling below our feet is absolutely breathtaking. Great White Shark Cage Diving in Guadalupe Island, Baja California. The Ultimate Great White Shark Cage Diving Company in North America. ... Black Manta Photography Guadalupe Shark Diving Guadalupe Sharks Socorro Vortex. Get to know “Bruce” Great White Shark at Guadalupe Island Home / ... We run our trips from August through November and have a few spaces left for this coming season. Famed for its close encounters with the most feared fish in the entire Ocean, The Great White Shark! Yesterday was one of the best days ever. Home RIP Great White Adventures. Guadalupe white sharks have been featured on television shows like Discovery Channel’s Shark Week and more recently National Geographic’s Great Migrations. Previous Article 60 Minutes Presents, “Making History by Revealing It” – The Shipwreck Clotilda. Twitter Facebook Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Tumblr Email. A TERRIFYING 17-foot great white shark has been caught on camera attacking a diving cage in a horrifying bid to force its way into the cage. Tags: sharks shark guadalupe island. Talk about an unforgettable experience! Guadalupe is the ultimate destination for cage diving with these huge predators. WE ARE PERMANENTLY CLOSED DUE TO CIRCUMSTANCES BEYOND OUR CONTROL. San Diego • San Francisco • California • Mexico • Isla Guadalupe • Farallon Islands. Located 250 miles east southwest of the port of Ensenada, Baja California, Guadalupe Island is very close to the San Diego area US-Mexico border. Book A Dive Center Online . It takes more than a great boat to make a great trip. 6 Thank … From what I understand August through November is best for great white shark action at Guadalupe island. Great white shark diving season at Isla Guadalupe is mid-July through early November. Trips can also be booked aboard the Nautilus Belle Amie, Nautilus Under Sea and Solmar V. Call us at 800-644-7382 and we’ll help you to choose the right boat for you. A great white shark is silhouetted while swimming off Mexico’s Guadalupe Island in 2018. We will get you up close and personal with the ocean's number one predator – the legendary great white shark! A huge great white shark tried to tear its way into a metal cage housing three tourists during a dive near Mexico. The Socorro Vortex (Part Three) – The Great White Sharks of Guadalupe By Black Manta Photography November 30, 2020 No Comments. He has been kicking our butts all day long with the tuna we wrangle! From Aug to Sept, very active males frequent the island. We even have a couple of spaces open on our research trip on November 4. Share. This is the moment a great white shark lunges at four divers in a cage in waters off Guadalupe Island, in the north-western Mexican state of Baja California The shark swims up to … This is one of the favorite expeditions of wild life photographers and videographers from all around the world. On some of our expeditions we saw over 30 individual sharks. We were horrified, very sad, upset and worried for both the shark and our divers. This crazy POV footage of a great white shark is way closer to one than we'd ever want to be! Date of experience: August 2017. No dive experience is required. Guadalupe island is located in the Pacific Ocean approximately 165 miles west of Ensenada, Mexico. Great White Adventures offers underwater shark cage diving adventures in submersible cages and aboard the Pelagic Explorer . Incredible Adventures offers great white shark diving at Isla Guadalupe from four different luxury dive vessels. Isla Guadalupe is considered one of the best places on the whole planet to view great white sharks. The great white shark population has plunged by more than 70% in some places, but not off the coast of Isla Guadalupe. As always, if you’re satisfied with the experience and services leave a generous tip. It has been an amazing start to the 2018 season at Guadalupe Island with the great white sharks so far! In a statement to posted to its Facebook page, Nautilus Dive Adventures said: "There was an incident with a great white shark repeatedly charging one of our cages at Guadalupe Island in October towards the end of our 2019 season. In 2000, the very first Guadalupe shark cage dive heralded a new era in the conservation of the island, and in the following 20 years scientific vessels and liveaboards have carried out much research into great white shark numbers. Before 1994, fishermen could catch a great white shark off California, kill it, and nobody would bat an eye. Every year, it just gets better and better. The crystal-clear blue water of Guadalupe is one of the island’s main draws as a great-white destination, and visibility does not disappoint on this first dive or any subsequent ones. Today there was a … Crystal clear waters, a protected bay and a huge source of food, Guadalupe Island is considered the top diving spot for White Sharks in the whole planet. Shark Season at Isla Guadalupe is July to November. Beginning in late winter, this pilgrimage has long baffled scientists, not just because it takes the sharks a month to get there, but the area does not seem to possess food to support their diets. Isla de Guadalupe is rapidly becoming the World's Best Destination to dive with Great White Sharks. The largest accurately measured great white shark was a female caught in August 1988 at Prince Edward Island off the North Atlantic coast and measured 20.3 ft … January 24th 2017. Farallon great whites range between the "smaller" males at 13 ft (4.0 m) to the females, which generally range between 17 to 19 ft (5.2 to 5.8 m). Dive Discovery offers island dive resorts, scuba diving vacation in Mexico. Spend three adrenaline-filled days cage diving in multiple shark cages. The largest females arrive well into October when the weather is starting to turn, and many consider this the ideal time to visit. http://www.americaschoicehomeinspections.com While cage diving in Guadalupe, Mexico a female great white shark began chomping on my cage. The great white season runs from July to November, with numerous lively young males arriving ready to mate early in the season, and the larger males making an appearance from late September onwards. Sample Itinerary. We started the 2015 season with 170 identified great white sharks and ended with 200. Guadalupe island has become the world´s best location for diving with great white sharks. Great White Shark Diving Guadalupe Tours & Packages. This is the third trip of the 2018 shark season, and all I can say is that it has been sharky, sharky, sharky!! At Guadalupe Island, great white sharks approach the cages and divers VERY closely making this the most thrilling white shark encounter in the world. The ship’s accommodations and crew are great!! About … Schedule & Rates 2019. Great white sharks spend autumn and winter at Guadalupe Island before journeying to an isolated stretch of the Pacific Ocean between Baja California and Hawaii dubbed the "White Shark Café." Since 2003 we now know Guadalupe island … Guests on this particular trip are not required to have any scuba diving experience or certifications if they limit their diving to the two surface cages. GO Face-to-Face with the Great White Sharks OF GUADALUPE ISLAND.

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