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Other popular types are the aloo samosa and the chane daal samosa. ¼ cup water. Mix all remaining filling ingredients in hot keema immediately. It came through the travel route and became popular when mince filled fried triangle pastries where served in the court of Delhi Sultanate by Middle Eastern and Central Asian cooks of the royal kitchen. Enjoy it hot with mint chutney on the side. Â. Spices. This is the basic and most authentic samosa filling. Use the flour paste to glue the edges. Cook for 15 -20 minutes on medium heat or until water dries. Samosa is probably the ideal Indian snacks to enjoy in the evening with tea. This keema samosa recipe is just like the one you get on streets on India of Pakistan. There can be many different types of fillings though the most common (and my favourite) is the keema (or qeema) samosa. Dough is rolled out in a circle shape, cut in half  and the semi-circle pastry shape is used to make a samosa.Â, To make the keema samosa, you start off with boiling keema and whole spices together. Looking for best Keema Samosa recipe? Fry samosa in small batches on medium heat for 3 minutes until crispy. Especially with. How to make Keema Samosa Step 1 Prepare the dough for Keema Samosa Take a dough kneading plate and knead a stiff dough with all-purpose … While stirring with a wooden spoon, gradually add the water, until a shaggy dough is formed. Keep the tray in the freezer for about 30 - 45 minutes till the samosas are frozen. Aloo Samosa Recipe Ramadan is just around the corner and the only thing on our minds is a tasty fried snack just like a crispy and crumbly Aloo Samosa recipe.The delectable samosa is another addition to the long list of tasty recipes on the menu of the largest and number one ranking food and cooking recipes network or Pakistan: sooperchef.pk. Aloo samosas are usually made with a flour (maida) based dough, that is kneaded by hand. I don’t know what is the problem at your end. Our meat samosas are similar to Indian Keema Samosa, although we don’t add any peas or potato to the minced meat. The mixture is primarily for samosas but I use this samosa’s keema in many other dishes like cutlets/champs and sometimes in meatpies and when forming kabab mixture etc. A folded samosa, triangular in shape with a filling that didn’t fall out.Â, Of course, I didn’t mind the broken samosa patti’s that much because once you fry them up they just taste SO good. Preheat-oven at 350 F. Sprays the samosa with oil on both sides. Then you are at the right place, click here to learn how to make best keema samosa at home. Now add black pepper powder, chopped onion, chopped coriander mix well. I am a marketer by profession, and a food blogger by accident. F illed with Chicken keema, and a blend of aromatic herbs & condiments for that extra flavour. Marinate for 1 - 2 hours. This makes about 14 medium samosas. It was such a feeling of accomplishment. I then divide it into two parts, keeping one half in the freezer and adding the onion and coriander to the remaining to make samosas. Umeed hai aapko pasand ayegi! Serve them hot for the better result. Find delectable recipes of chicken samosa, beef keema samosa, vegetable samosa, aloo samosa, Chinese samosa, daal samosa and Punjabi samosa in … Ingredients of this Aloo Keema recipe are easily available in the market. Add the garlic, ginger, and … Sign up and receive the latest recipes via email. Take out the mince in a large bowl, and set it aside to cool. Aloo Kay Samosay Crispy Potato Samosas Recipe in Urdu Hindi - RKK Ye hai meri recipe aloo kay samoson ki. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. In Sydney, the brand of samosa patti that I got is named Shahi and can be found in the freezer section of Desi supermarkets. Serve hot. Immediately mix all remaining ingredients of somasa filling in the hot mince. If making samosas in bulk, use a baking tray and clingfilm to stack samosas so that they take up less space. Pick the right top of that triangle and fold it to match the bottom edge. cooked 15 min until mince cooked and dry all water. Place the frozen samosa pastry at room temperature to thaw, according to package instructions. Keema means mince and you can make the filling of samosa with lamb/mutton or beef mince. All these again come in tikka, tandoori, Chinese, cheese, and smoked flavors. It’s a rectangle sheet of flour based patti, which can be shaped into a triangle. They are prepared using our original samosa wrapping and secret filling recipe. Keema Aloo is a simple recipe best served with roti or naan. Leftover fried samosas can be store in a paper bag on the counter for 6-8 hours in a cool place. With the economical popularity of chicken, chicken samosa also found it’s way to the street and frozen food sections. 825. Hungry for more fried snacks? 500 grams of mince mixed with onions and coriander will make about 40 samosas using a standard samosa patti. My mother always bought steak mince for her samosas … Especially with khowsuey.Â, A samosa is made by placing a filling inside a pastry. Yes, you can freeze a keema samosa easily as mince filling and spring roll wrappers or samosa Patti both are freezer friendly. Turn over the sides of samosa and bake again for 15 minutes or till done. Lamb Sasoma is love! In a pot, take mince, water and ingredients mentioned under spices list. 24 pieces / … Article by Cubes N Juliennes Food Blog | Delicious, Easy Family Recipes! Begin to Toast Your Ingredients. Fill and fold the samosa with prepared filling and seal the ends with wheat flour and water paste. If you find filling less spicy just add some Chat masala for a chat pata flavor. Fry till golden brown.

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