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Their prices are reasonable, but heating and air isn’t cheap anywhere. After all, that’s exactly what you are. OTOH, a french drain need not be expensive. This mold can be cleaned out, but once you’ve had mold the first time, it’s much more likely to return. The Drain Pipe Is Clogged. Because it constantly pumps water, mold and mildew can form on the inside and clog the pump, backing up water in your house. Today. Get more than one estimate if you wish. We cleaned out his drain lines and inspected the system for damage. Northern California’s Leading HVAC, Window, Plumbing, and Sewer Blog. This insures the drain pan won’t overflow and flood your home when in use; although it is possible most air conditioning units in a closet do not have a secondary or backup drain pan. Next, buy a package of slime preventing tablets (one choice is AC-Safe Air Conditioner Pan Tablets; sold at Amazon.com). The guys did not have on masks. An air conditioner is a lifesaver in the Richmond, Virginia summer. If you’re seeing water around your AC unit, condensation isn’t properly draining. When the drain becomes clogged, water will back up, first up the line and then into the drain pan. Schedule annual HVAC maintenance to maximize performance and minimize furnace and AC repairs, and ensure that your AC refrigerant levels are checked, too. No trap clean-out, no vent. What’s abnormal is something clogging up the ability of the condensate to drain away. I’ll ask for her next time. Then we went home and checked out our own drain pans and lines (it never hurts to check!). W.G. This is a list of the top 10 reasons that your AC unit may be leaking water inside or outside of your residential or commercial property in … The floorboards in the room also got water-logged and had to be refinished. It can also cause an HVAC unit to run harder and longer, raising your electric bill. When the sensor is tripped by a drain pan overflowing, the system will turn off until the problem is fixed. As is usual when describing how something can go wrong, we start with describing how it works when all is well. 1. system is operating well and not about to flood your home. Install a drain pan overflow or a secondary drain line. This condensate is just a normal part of AC operation. WG Speeks was able to help us the same day we called. Put an extra safety pan under your AC unit to catch any overflow. Nov 4, 2015 - Find out how to drain AC condensation in your yard using a French drain, catch basin, dry well, or underground drainage to prevent soil saturation. A clogged filter can cause all kinds of problems, including excess water. First keep in mind how your air conditioner works and what keeps it happy and efficient. Vacuum out the drip pan system at the same time. Air conditioners are not dangerous until the gas pipe get damaged. Mon - Fri: 8:00am - 5:00pm. Speeks is the best! The progress of this flooding can be slow, but you’ll notice it when you feel it underfoot. Chemicals, electricity, and components that need to stay dry (like air filters) don’t play well with overflowing drain pains. Excessive condensation from air conditioning is a sign you have an ac issue. But if you have a clogged drain line or pump, the water can back up into your home. This humidity is left behind in the form of condensation on the coils. Speeks has provided the most trusted and highest-rated full-service maintenance and repair of residential and commercial HVAC systems in the Greater Richmond Region.Since 1943, we’ve earned a reputation you can trust through hard work and a commitment to excellence. He seemed knowledgeable and thorough. Vernon, the service tech, was wonderful! 5 Ways to Lower Your Air Conditioner Costs This Summer, HVAC Maintenance Tips for Summer 2020 in Richmond, How to Find a Good HVAC Technician in Richmond, The iWave Air Purification Makes Richmond Homes Safer. Air conditioners pull humidity out of the air and funnel the resulting water, or condensate, into a drain. When everything is in full working order, your AC unit can run smoothly, the drain pan drains excess moisture out of your home, and nothing is negatively affected. Install a float-tripped drain pan overflow shutoff switch. We guarantee our service techs will treat you like a valued neighbor. This may sound bad, but it’s actually a good thing: many newer AC systems are designed with an overflow sensor. another hvac company, you should give Speeks a call. In newer air-conditioners, a clogged line and overflowing drain pan can actually cause the system to turn off entirely. Sometimes the drain line becomes clogged or damaged, which will cause HVAC leaks. A cracked condensate drip pan can also allow water to leak. We had Speaks do our HVAC in our home and pool house. If you still have clogs, or if the water is slow to drain, a wet-dry vacuum can pull clogs up and out of the line. I think it is the drain pipe and I tried to follow your video on how to unblock it by removing the filters, cover and locating the pipe. Make sure each drain line has an air vent and a “P-trap,” a pipe with a downward curve that allows water to flow out of the area but holds debris in one place so that it doesn’t cause a much deeper drain line clog. Clear your condensate pump by flushing it yearly with a 50% bleach/water solution to dislodge and remove any mold, mildew or algae that develops. While we go for Ac maintenance, it is a important thing to be noticed about ac drain pipe. With over 75 years of experience, there’s no problem too big (or too small) for us to handle. In the old-days it was a common practice to let the condensate line end next to the homes foundation. 12,000 BTU Ductless DC Inverter Mini Split Air Conditioner Heat Pump, 115 VAC, 21.5 SEER, ENERGY STAR $838.00 $1,110.00. She even let me know some questions to ask regarding my recent new system installation. Both low refrigerant and a clogged filter can also cause your evaporator coil to freeze, adding to the leaking water and high utility bills. When something goes wrong, it’s important to find out what, where and fix it quickly. With the year we’ve had, it’s, Owning a house requires a big investment of both time and money, which is w, This was our initial call to any of the HVAC service companies in Richmond area since moving here at the end of 2018, so we were a bit anxious about it. $36.00 $ 36. After Hours service is available. When there is water buildup in your air handler drip pan, the first place to look is to a clogged condensate line. And that can mean mold grows and is then distributed all over the home because that’s what the HVAC system does.

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